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Description screens PSD, sliced assets, demo
Details Mobile UI design+sliced assets for ios and android+clickable demo created in Marvelapp.
Commercial Use Yes
Source File Yes
Interactive Mockup Yes
# of Pages / Screens To agree
Revisions 5
Delivery time 7 to 15 days
SKU: 102

Do you have a mobile app idea and don’t know where to start? You already did some prototypes and figured out what you are doing is getting you nowhere, but you really think you have something special? Don’t worry, you are not alone. After spending some time answering questions on Quora, the most frequent question out there was: “I have the next big app idea, what should I do?”
Before getting a ton of answers, ask your self the following 5 key questions:

1. What Is Your Niche?

This is the first question you need to answer before moving forward. There are many different types of travel apps for iPhone. Some help you book hotels, some help you book your transportation, and some connect you to local tour guides, while some others suggest different places to visit. You can also choose to integrate all of this and create a travel app that can act like a complete travel planner. The choice is yours.

2. What Does the Customer Want?

Which features are essential? What can you do to make your app more useful and unique? These are just a few questions that you need to answer before you move on to the app development part.

3. Who Are Your Competitors and How Are They Doing?

The next step is to identify your competitors. You should use their app and carefully analyze their pros and cons. This will tell you which features are indispensable and which pitfalls to avoid.

4. Which APIs to Use?

There are major players in this field which make the app interconnected with several services that have already collected quite a lot of information and are eager for more. Think of these sites and partner apps as your own database. APIs are the key to accessing those databases. Now, depending on the service, there may be conditions on the usage of the API. Do a thorough research to zero in on the ones that would be the most beneficial for you.

5. How to Monetize?

When you put so much time and effort into an app, it is natural to expect returns.  Most of these apps charge a small commission on the service, you can also advertise on the app, or simply make it a subscription-based app. You can offer some aspects of the app only to those who pay for it.


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